Beirut Blast: The most painful image

Beirut Blast was one of the worst blasts in the history of the world. 

Indeed it is not wrong to say that 2020 is the year when we have already witnessed a lot. Since the start of the year, we are struggling with the worst pandemic which is not even near to end. The Australian bush fire that lasted until February 2020 already affected billions of animals and vegetation.  Now we are in a state of war with the coronavirus Pandemic that has already claimed the lives of several.

Another massacre was the Beirut blast that happened some days ago. Several painful images are circulating related to the Beirut blast but this image is taken just minutes before the blast will always be remembered.

The image was taken just a few minutes before the blast occurred. According to some sources, the image was taken just 12 minutes before the Beirut explosion. The picture is the most terrifying one and the symbol of the worst disaster. Beirut disaster has already claimed the lives of hundreds leaving thousands injured.

The three tried to save what they could

Beirut blast

The discovered picture was taken just 12 minutes before the blast. It shows three firefighters who are desperately trying to open the door of warehouse No 12. The warehouse No 12 contained 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that lead to a huge explosion.  Nevertheless, in the picture, we can see the anxiety and fear of the firefighters who are trying to open the door in order to prevent the flames from spilling into that chemical. They were quite aware of the fact that it could lead to a huge explosion but still, they tried their best to save what they could.

The first team to arrive at the site 

The three firefighters were called on the scene to control the fire that happened at the port. A team of 10 members arrived at the place of incident to control the fire and avoid any huge explosion. The three firefighters in the picture are members of the team. The team was the first to arrive at the scene when the initial fire broke out just minutes before the massive blast.

No time to save their lives at Beirut Blast

Undoubtedly they rushed to respond to the call of their duty unknowingly of the fact that this could be their last duty. Nobody knows what happened to them but we can say that they got no time to save their lives. The three men are missing along with the photographer who saved their last moment in the image.

However, the removal of the debris and rubble to search the missing people is ongoing in full swing and we hope for a better tomorrow. We pray for all those who have lost their loved ones in this massive disaster.


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