World’s first coffee sneakers

What are coffee sneakers? Are they made of coffee?

Have you ever thought of wearing coffee on your feet? If no, then now it is possible through Rens sneakers. They are made of coffee and can also be worn on your feet.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Rens finally launched its new sneakers which are made from ground coffee and waste materials. The sneakers idea was represented some two years ago in an urge to represent some unique style sneakers with the perfect material. After two long years of careful designing and its endless testing, they are finally out in the market.

What does coffee do to the shoes?

The coffee contains material that naturally fights odor and also have antibacterial properties. Your feet, as well as your sneakers, remain fresh all day long. The coffee grounds are spun into the yarn that is said to be odor-proof, UV blocking and quick drying. They are anti-bacterial and you can wear them without socks.

Which part of the shoes is made from plastic waste?

Waste plastic material like empty bottles were recycled to design these precise sneakers along with the blend of ground coffee. Waterproof membrane was created by recycling the plastic materials. The membrane is watertight but also breathable.

The inner sole of the shoes and the knitted upper sole of the shoes both are breathable and hardly weigh some 300 grams. The knit material of the shoes is quite stretchy and lightweight but gives complete support to the foot.

What is the sole made up of?

The entire upper part of the new shoes is made by recycling the waste material. The sole of the sneakers is purely made from condensed EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate). The co-founder of the sneakers also claimed that they have also developed a new sole which is made from recycled EVA instead of virgin EVA. The new sole will be implemented in their next version of these sneakers as it was too tight for them to implement on their first production.

Coffee sneakers

The sneakers are durable, sustainable and lightweight. They weigh just eight OZ and are suitable for your adventure. The unique sneakers are available in eight different colors. They are 100% waterproof, not even a single drop of water can penetrate into it.

Amount of plastic and coffee used to manufacture the shoes

Every single shoe contains nearly six plastic water bottles and the grounds used for 21 cups of coffee. The shoes are unisex and hand-washable.

What are the thoughts of the company about the shoes?

The company believes that by combining these sustainable materials with technology and style, they can create world’s best sneakers without wasting precious resources of the planet.

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