Mosquitron – The best Mosquito killer this year

Which is the best Mosquito killer? Is Mosquitron the best Mosquito killer?

As soon as the weather changes or when we move from winter to summer or in the mid-season we all just worry about one thing: mosquitoes and the contagious diseases spread by them. During winters, we can just close our doors and windows to get rid of them. But in other seasons we try plenty of sprays and repellents which are annoying and have little effect.

Indeed chemical sprays or repellents are expensive and every month you spend a lot of money buying these harmful chemicals. Some of us hate these chemical sprays because we are allergic to these. Also, these are not animal-friendly, your pets can not tolerate this all the time.


Undoubtedly you might be thinking of a solution to get rid of mosquitoes from your surrounding without using any harmful chemical. Luckily, now there is a solution known as Mosquitron.

Mosquitron-best Mosquito killer

What is it? Is it the best Mosquito killer

Mosquitron is a unique gadget that traps the insects. This insect death trap was basically started by a Netherlands-based company. This device efficiently works indoor as well as outdoors.

How does it work?

Mosquitron uses 360-400 nm ultraviolet light to trap the flying insects. The mosquitoes get attracted to the light and directly move toward the mesh box where they are drawn inside through the vortex created by a silent fan which is attached at the bottom of the device.

Mosquitron features-best Mosquito killer

The vortex keeps the mosquitoes inside and the mesh box prevents them from escaping where they are perished due to drying and dehydration.

How is it powered?

This device is portable, it has a USB Port to power it by USB cable. You can connect it to several devices with USB port like power banks, your PC, etc. Mosquitron is a low voltage device and does not consume a lot of power. Neither does it contain any harmful chemical nor any harmful radiations.  It only contains UV Light that attracts the mosquito itself.

The fascinating thing about this device is it contains a light-triggered sensor that turns the device on after sunset and off at daylight.

How to clean it?

This device is easy to set up and maintain.  Its storage box gets clean in just a few seconds. All you have to do is just open its storage box, dispose of their remains. It is light and durable and good looking altogether. It doesn’t give any bad or filthy look at your home. The device is safe to handle and is waterproof.

best Mosquito killer

People are loving it?

People from Europe and Asia have given 5-star reviews to this product. They say it is a very powerful device that catches so many mosquitoes without any hassle. People may argue that Mosquitron is similar to the mosquito zapper light. However, it is much more refined and uses a different technique to lure the mosquitoes and kill them. It is also more efficient than other ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Unlike the zapper, it can be used in households because the zapper gives off a much commercial look.

Mosquito light zapper
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