What is the Difference between domain and hosting. Complete guide 2023!

what is difference between domain and hosting

What is the difference between Domain and Hosting? Are domain and hosting similar or are they different? Learn about what is the difference between domain and hosting by reading below! 

Whenever you create a website, you need a domain and hosting. Many people get confused between these two, but these are different things.

Domain and hosting are used together to set up a website. The website won’t work until both of them are present. We will see how domain and hosting are different from each other and how this work.

This article will explain what is the difference between domain and hosting. What are they and how do they work?

Read the article till the end so you can get all the information on the difference between domain and hosting!

What is a domain? -The difference between domain and hosting

Domain hosting provides Domain names for your website. Domain hosting is a service that provides a Domain name for your website and saves it. It becomes the identity of your website.in exchange, you have to pay a yearly subscription fee which can be from 10$ to 1000$ depending on your name and how common it is.

A domain has different sections that are separated with dots for example www.theplanettoday.com. It is separated into two parts first part is the name of your company and the second part is the domain extension like .com, org, etc.

There is a matching IP address for every domain. It sets its location on the internet. The domain is like an address for the viewer they can directly reach your website just by your website domain name.

There are three levels of the domain.

  • Top-level
  • Generic top-level
  • Second level

Some domain hosting providers also provide special domain names. music. Media. with the generic top-level and second-level.

Buying a domain from domain hosting gives you ownership as long as you pay premiums, but you cannot create a website without Web hosting.

How to register for a domain name?

It takes only a few steps and some dollars to register for the domain name.

Visiting the domain name registration to check the availability of the desired name. Once the selection of a name is done and you get your desired name then you will be asked to complete the purchase. Most of them just cost a few dollars depending on how much time you want it.

Choose what is suitable for you.

There are some additional offers as well such as enhancing your security, secure socket layer, and a virtual private network. These may cost some extra bucks, but they can be beneficial for your website.

difference between domain and hosting

What is hosting? difference between domain and hosting!

Website hosting is a power source for websites all the data of your website is stored in website hosting. All the information on a website can be displayed because it is present in the hosting environment.

Whenever a user enters your website by your domain name the domain name directs them to the information that is stored in the Web server.

A domain name is like the name or identity of your house, but web hosting is the house itself which stores everything.

There are different types of website hosting as mentioned below.

  • Shared
  • Dedicated
  • Managed


In this type of website hosting the same server is shared with several websites. it is used by small websites or beginners who are just starting.

The same ram and CPU are used by the websites. It can’t be a problem but if one website crashes all the websites will be affected. The storage is used by all the websites so there is limited information you can store it can be useful for small bloggers and small businesses.


In this kind of website hosting the server is shared by individual websites. This gives an advantage of high trafficking, and more storage is available. More data can be stored. The user has easy access to everything as it is not used by any other website.

A dedicated website can be a choice for big businesses a big website that is controlled by a skilled team.


In this type of website hosting your website is hosted by someone else. A team of developers is always under your command to keep it running smoothly.

It saves so much time and is efficient for people who are busy and have a tight Schiele. It is a piece of mind, but you have to pay extra money. It is suitable for big websites and big Businesses.

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Why domain and hosting should be kept separate.

Now that we have explored that what is the difference between domain and hosting, let’s see why to keep them separate!

It is not a good idea to buy domain and web hosting in the same package as there could be several risks.

There could be a high chance of hacking your website. If someone has access to your domain, they can easily get access to your information.

There are many security issues your information can be stolen or can be used by some other person so domain and hosting should be kept separate.

How do domain and hosting work together?

Now that it’s clear what is the difference between domain and hosting, let’s see how they work together. Domain and website hosting are two main things for building a website. One thing cannot work without other. These both are linked together to work.

difference between domain and hosting

The domain is the identity of the website and web hosting is the house for the website it manages and stores all the information of the website.

Final thoughts on the difference between domain and hosting!

Domain and hosting are two different things, and their working is different. All the information presented above shows how they are different from each other but to make a website both should be used together.

Hope this clears what is the difference between domain and hosting!


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