What is Website Hosting? What are the types of Website Hosting? complete guide 2024!

types of website hosting

Website hosting and types of Website hosting are essential to learning if you are looking to build a website! Read in detail what is website hosting and what types of website hosting are there.

Have you wondered if you had your website? don’t worry we can help you achieve this dream of yours, all your favorite websites have hosts and servers who are operating them. You can also create a website of your own. Read for more!

What is Website Hosting? Types of Website Hosting

Website Hosting is a service that allows a person or an organization to post web pages and websites on the internet. A web host or a website service provider is an organization that manages and allows others to see your web pages and websites. Websites are stored in servers that allow users to reach you, if a user wants to see your website, they will type the website address or domain in the browser the computer will then connect them to your website or your web page.

types of website hosting

Features provided by the Website Hosting provider

If you have decided to create your website and trying to choose a Website Host, remember that these are a must that you should expect from your Website Host. You need to know the features of website hosting in order to clear out what is website hosting and what are the types of website hosting!

Email Accounts: Most hosting providers require users to have their domain name. With a domain name and an email account feature provided by your hosting service provider you can create domain email accounts for example ([email protected])

FTP Access: The use of FTP allows a user to upload files from their computer to their website. If you have created your website using your HTML files, you can transfer the files from your computer to your website using FTP which can be viewed on the internet.

WordPress Support: WordPress is an online tool that allows you to create Websites. It is a powerful content manager and blogging system, which is a convenient and easy way to create websites. Almost 25% of websites are powered by WordPress. Your Website Host will tell you right away that if your website is WordPress compatible or not, the least requirements for WordPress are PHP version 7 or greater or MySQL version 5.6 or greater.

How does online business benefit from Website Hosting?

To publish a business website, you must have a Website Host. However, Website Host gives business owners more than just Web hosting services! Web hosting firms employ in-house employees so they can see that the website is running trouble-free 24/7. In addition, if the website runs into any problem or needs troubleshooting the in-house employees see to the problems so that the business owners can give their 100% focus to their business.

Types of Website Hosting-What is website hosting?

When you are deciding to create your website the most challenging part is what kind of website hosting are you going to use each comes with different services and pricing plans. So, we will discuss 6 different types of Web Hosting and their pros and cons.

Lets dig into types of hosting to make sure  we enough enough about what is hosting!

types of website hosting

Shared Hosting

A shared hosting plan is the most common choice for website owners, on this plan, a single server is shared among hounded or thousands of websites. Although you share the same server you do not have access to other personal information. The upside of this server is that it is relevantly cheap as the cost is being divided.

Shared plans are very common nowadays and you can find one easily for under $5 per month.

Pros of shared hosting

  • Easy to find and cheap for starters approximately below $5 per month.
  • Depending on your service provider you can get great performance.

Cons of shared hosting

  • These kinds of plans do not perform well when there is heavy traffic on the server.
  • For a good price, you may have to sign a multiyear contract

Virtual private service (VPS) Hosting

VPS is a step above-shared hosting, VPS also contains many hosts, but each host is given a different container or VPS. Each of these VPS acts as a system fully dedicated only to your website.

VPS are all across the board when it comes to resources so prices are a bit high for VPS, if you want to use VPS you should have a budget of almost $10 to $20 per month.

Pros of Virtual Private Service

  • You can get fully dedicated resources for your website.
  • Depending on your host you might be able to configure your VPS for your own specific needs.

Cons of the Virtual Private Sector

  • To configure a VPS, you need technical knowledge and information.
  • The number of resources needed must be calculated and it can be challenging.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a bit interesting and a little tricker, basically cloud hosting is a distribution of VPSs. The way this works is that instead of having a single server on your computer it is distributed on whole networks.

Cloud hosting can be cheap and expensive depending on what kind of service you are opting for. Cloud hosting is used to power many famous internet hosting companies such as Netflix. However, for a regular website, you do not need a setup like Netflix.

Pros of Cloud Hosting

  • The server can be customized as you see fit.
  • High level of scalability is provided.

Cons of Cloud Hosting

  • It is a bit complex and is not suited for people who are not acquainted with configuring a server.
  • The payment structure of Cloud hosting can be complicated.

Dedicated Hosting

Until now we have only talked about hosting plans where you share the server with other people. However, if you want your private server, you have to pay a premium for it.

With a Dedicated Server, you have exclusive excess to a single server or more than one and you have full control over its configuration.

A Dedicated Server is the top-of-line option you can have from web hosting servers, so you usually have to pay almost $100 a month and it goes up from here.

Pros of Dedicated Servers

  • A whole server is only dedicated to you, and you may use it how you want.
  • The configuration of the server can be done to your liking.

Cons of Dedicated Servers

  • It is a lot of expensive and not everyone can support it.

Managed Hosting

This host is not a kind of plan but a kind of service. With Managed Hosting the server takes care of your day-to-day tasks some of these takes include security monitoring, updates, and backups.

Before purchasing Managed Hosting, you should see what kind of service is being provided and what are the extras with the purchase. Managed Servers usually start at $15 per month but there are expensive options available.

Pros of Managed Hosting

  • The host will optimize the website for you.
  • Basic maintenance tasks will be completed by the host.

Cons of Managed Hosting

  • As the host is controlling your website you may have less control.
  • It can be a lot more expensive than regular hosting plans.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular Content management systems (CMS). It almost powers 25 to 30 percent of websites.

The WordPress-specific plan includes some level of managed services. They also offer free plugins for premiums with other tools. You can also learn about SEO in WordPress at What is SEO in WordPress?

Pros of WordPress

  • You can get access to WordPress-specific perks such as a free plugin license and one-click installation.
  • They often come with some level of management services.

Cons of WordPress

  • It can only be used by WordPress users and is limited ability to other platforms.

Hosting, Types of Website hosting, Simplified

The best Hosting service will give you plenty of options when it comes to choosing plans and services. Web hosting is a delivers great web development.  That way you have flexibility when it comes to gathering resources needed to grow your website.

Are you ready for your first website? don’t worry it all starts at the first step you may start slowly and can upgrade at any time later. We have simplified it for you so you can build the website you have been dreaming of! Do you know that you can create a website for free? Read our article on how to create a website for free!

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