Drinking water in the Morning Benefits. 6 unbelievable health benefits.

Drinking water in the morning benefits not only your gut health but also helps in reducing weight! 

The Planet Today is dedicating a section on health and fitness to make people aware of healthy lifestyle choices. Drinking water in the morning benefits human health in enormous ways. Thereby, it is essential to educate people that why should they drink water on an empty stomach, and how much water they shall drink in the morning to attain the benefits they are looking for. Also, is drinking water in the morning beneficial for weight loss?

What benefits of drinking water in the morning?

Have you been watching your favorite celebs talking about how they always go to drinking water in the morning? Have you been wondering if drinking water in the morning has benefits or if is it just for the purpose of weight maintenance? Well, let’s explore the reason why more and more health and fitness experts and celebs are talking about drinking water in the morning.

Let’s remind ourselves that our body’s composition is 60% fluid. This means that hydration is important for all of us. This percentage can vary according to age. Yet, keeping oneself hydrated is important so that vital organs like the kidneys and heart could properly. Also, hydration helps in retaining a normal temperature of the body.

Our body tends to lose water through natural processes such as urination, sweating, and even exhaling. While we have plenty of time to get ourselves hydrated all day long, why is there so much stress about getting hydrated in the morning?

Well, according to a medical specialist, drinking water in the morning benefits early hydration. As we cannot drink water while sleeping, the body loses water throughout the night and is in dire need of hydration. Thus, fetching a glass of water in the morning is what helps your body get hydrated, after a long night without water!

Benefits of drinking water in the morning

6 drinking water in the morning benefits

While I can understand that most of us won’t be convinced that drinking water in the morning is beneficial only because of hydration, here are some amazing benefits of drinking water in the morning (on an empty stomach).

Drinking water in the morning benefits: reduces calories intake

As soon as you drink a glass of water in the morning, you tend to feel full. Then, the instant craving and urge to have a heavy breakfast reduce. Thus, it helps in giving your stomach a light and healthy start. Drinking water in the morning will help you feel already full and thus reduces your appetite. This helps in controlling your appetite and reducing your calorie intake. Well, it is often regarded as reducing hunger pangs in the morning and just confusing the body with food and water. However, it is not advised to skip breakfast. Have a healthy breakfast in the morning to kick start a long day, but this shall be healthy, not full of calories.

Drinking Water in the morning benefits: improves metabolism

Your metabolism can be improved by drinking water. this is true for drinking water any time in the day and not just in the morning. Also, there is a specific debate on either drinking cold water in the morning or hot water. Well, Dr.Li says that cold water helps in activating a phenomenon called cold-activated thermogenesis. Accordingly, when you drink cold water in the morning, you activate your body to turn on the metabolism and increase the temperature of water by 30%. This lasts for an hour. Thus, giving you a boost in metabolism in the morning.

However, there is not much evidence on either matter: cold water or hot water. But what I would suggest is that do drink water in the morning. I prefer room temperature water as hot water doesn’t suit my body. I feel nauseatic after drinking hot water and cold water just hurts my throat in the morning. Thus, if you are comfortable with cold water, have it. And if hot water suits you, go for it! Just make sure it’s a glass full of water!

Drinking water in the morning benefits: Improves gut health

Drinking water in the morning or drinking water around the day (at least 8 glasses a day) will help you have good gut health. Water is a fluid that not only improves digestion but also improves gut health. Issues like bloating and constipation can be reduced by drinking enough water. And morning is the best time to do so. This helps the stomach to start off light and improves gut health. Directly eating your breakfast would only mean that your stomach would get exhausted as soon as it starts working. Also, constipation and other gut-related issues are due to dehydration. To improve your gut health, it is advised to drink warm water as it helps in breaking down food. You can use a simple glass of warm water infused with green tea or funnel seeds to improve digestion!

Drinking water in the morning benefits: improve mental health!

Drinking water in the morning benefits your mental health! It would not only refresh your morning but also make you mentally fit. It has been assured by doctors that dehydration not only deteriorates gut health but also impacts mental health. It can cause, what doctors claim is brain fog. This can lead to reducing your mental capacities and make you vulnerable to constant and recurring headaches.

Also, a mild form of dehydration can cause issues like short-term memory loss, issues in concentration, and remembering things. Thus, to have good mental health, your sleep duration, stress management, and water are important!

Drinking water in the morning benefits: helps remove toxins and improve skin health

Your Kidneys are responsible for removing fluids and wastes from the body. Thus, a glass of water in the morning will help you remove those extra toxins and would improve the kidney’s health. The more water you intake helps in removing toxins from the body. Also, skin benefits from a hydrated body. If your body is dehydrated, your skin would not look healthy at all. For healthy skin, you need to have a hydrated body. Otherwise, your skin will be prone to acne, scars, wrinkles, and fine lines!

Drinking water in the morning benefits: aids in weight loss

Drinking water in the morning benefits health in various ways. It will help you to improve digestion and to head for a lighter yet healthier breakfast option. It will also aid in weight loss. If you have been following the latest dieting and weight loss trends, then intermittent fasting is one of them.  As you delay your breakfast, it is likely you will skip your daily meal and have a single meal in the evening. Thus, waking up early, and filling your stomach with water as much as you can help you lose the extra fats and burn those fats. It is easy to burn fats on an empty stomach than on a full stomach!

Benefits of drinking water in the morning

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