How To Check or Pay Traffic E-challan Payment Online

What is traffic e-challan payment? How does traffic e-challan payment work? Can i pay e-challan online?

PSCA – Punjab Safe Cities Authority is collaborating with the Traffic police of the city, who starts the system of Traffic E-Challan in Lahore. It was under the orders of the Court (LHC) of Lahore. E-Challan is a Traffic Violation electronic ticket system. Everyone welcomes it with an overwhelming response all over Pakistan.

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How E-challan payment System Works?

The newly made system of E-challans identifies the people who are violating the rules of traffic. Modern Automatic Number Plate of vehicles helps in Recognition (ANPR) cameras. PSCA has installed cameras on different highway and roads across the city. E-Challan has sent to the rules violators; it has registered against their car IDs and contains information about how the vehicle driver violated the rules of traffic.

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e-challan payments

It comes with a picture of the car placed on the challan page. This system starts with the Government of Punjab too for paying traffic E-challans online. The main issue which peoples face is that the majority of them don’t know the fact that they charge with the rule violation fine. This happens in two cases first.

  • They change their residual address, on which their vehicle IDs are registered yet, it is not changed in the document.
  • They don’t get their Challan alert at their house because of some technical problems. Thus, you wouldn’t know that you have broken any rule or not.

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Here come some steps to know and check your E-challan.

How you can check your Traffic e-Challan payments Online?

You have to visit the official website PSCA to check your status and record of traffic violations online. When you open the PSCA official website. There are two blocks present in front of you.

  1. One is for the number of your car
  2. The other is for the CNIC number of the owner of the vehicle.

By mentioning all the details regarding the registration of your vehicle and your CNIC number. By this, you will get to know that if you’re charged with the fine or no? You will also get a print of your E-Challan document there.

How to make Traffic E-Challan payments online?

Mainly there are two methods by which you can easily pay your Traffic E-Challans.

  • The first way is that you can pay your E challan manually. You can do so by downloading it and then printing the E-Challan paper from the official website of PSCA. You submit it to the National Bank of Punjab (NBP) along with the charged money.
  • The second way is to give payment of your challan to the ATM of NBP. Nowadays PSCA is working hard to develop an app for mobile phones as well. For checking and paying your E-challans without going out from your home through the Electronic Ticketing (ETC) Center of province Punjab.

PSCA has charged more than 75,000 traffic e-challans after the first launch of Electronic Challan on September 23. These 75,000 Challans are a source of the addition of 7 million Pkr to Pakistan’s national treasury.


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