How to get rid of ants?

Are you fed up of ants and searching for “how to get rid of ants?” Are you looking for how to get rid of ants through easy and effective ways? Then read below!

Summers and ants are synonymous. Living in dry summers is already terrible enough, but so is living with the ants. You place something and ants are there to party! While there are some 200 kinds of species of ants and many are not dangerous for mankind.

how to get rid of ants

But then, they can spoil sweets and many foods. I am disposing off honey which was on my kitchen shelf. As it was attacked by ants.

Also, eating any food which is contaminated by ants causes health hazards. Skin infections can also arise due to ants. Ants are responsible for carrying and spreading bacteria.

Ants can make their homes and live their. Using toxics and chemicals is not always the right choice. If you wanna use chemicals in kitchen, you need to shut down the kitchen. remove everything so that chemicals do not contaminate dishes, food, spices and other utensils.

How to Get rid of ants?

So here are some of the bets and reliable home-made remedies for getting rid of ants:

Chalking helps ants go away!

The best remedy is to have a chalk and chalk a way out for ants. For instance, if you wanna protect your honey, then use a chalk to make boundaries for homey. Ants do not cross the chalk and come over. Chalks are rich in calcium carbonate which prevents ants from entering it. you can locate a ant house and use chalk to prevent them from coming outside. However, be mindful of kids. Make sure these chalk marks do not attract kids.

Giving ants a lemon therapy

Lets be simple, Ants do not like lemons. They avoid places where there are lemons. You can use lemon peels and place them to get rid of ants. One can even use lemon juice to spray in areas where you don’t wanna ants to enter. Sprinkling some lemon juice in the water used for mopping floor is also a good idea!

How to get rid of ants..Use White Vinegar!

Adding water and vinegar is equal proportions and using it as a spray will help get rid of ants. Use can use the solution for mopping and cleaning the kitchen shelves.

Cinnamon and cloves for preventing ants

Place cinnamon and cloves at the places from where ants enter your home. This hack doesn’t kill ants, but prevent them from entering the space.


Peppermint smell can help eradicate ants. Place fresh peppermint in places where ants are more likely to enter. Again, this will help prevent ant from entering then killing them.

Boiling Water

Pour boiling water in the houses of ants. Ants houses are deep and big. They need to be poured with boiling water to eradicate the houses.

Keep your home clean

Keep your kitchen clean. Make sure sugar and sweet items are locked properly. Wash your places and dishes carefully. Don’t put sweet things openly. Place such things in fridge or in a bowl of water.

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