What should I eat in Keto Breakfast? (updated for 2023)

Keto breakfast is one of the ways to reduce weight. But what should i eat in keto breakfast to boost weight loss? Struggling with what to eat in keto breakfast? Stay hooked!

What is a Keto Diet?

Keto diet is an abbreviation of the ketogenic diet. It is a diet that has been famous around the globe due to its amazing results. In the most simple words, this is a diet that aims at lowering the intake of carbohydrates but enhancing fats in the diet. This diet has wonderful impacts on health. People have found it really good for reducing and controlling their weight.

The ketogenic diet is helps the body to efficiently burn the fats.

What are the health benefits of Keto Diet?

A Keto diet has reported significant health benefits. These include weight lose, enhancing metabolism, regulating the insulin levels in the body, controlling the cholesterol levels. Some researches find it beneficial for reducing the growth of cancer tumors. Keto has been recorded for reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer disease and Epilepsy in Children. Since Keto is beneficial in regulating the insulin levels, it helps in combating the Polycystic ovary syndrome. It has also been found beneficial in recovery of brain injuries.

What foods to avoid in a Keto diet?

Remember, you need to avoid as many carbs as you can. Thus you need to stay away from carbs and processed fats. This requires one to avoid sugar based foods, such as soft drinks, juices, cakes, candies and others. Avoiding wheat based products such as cereals, pastas, and starches like rice. In keto diet, you cannot have much fruits. You can have berries and Avocadoes, while avoiding the rests. There is no space for beans and root vegetables. You can go for salads and green veggies. Also giving up on sauces and mayonnaise is must for keto. Also, start avoid the diet products such as sugar free coke. You need to give up on alcohol as well!

What Foods to eat in Keto diet?

Here is a list of food that you can eat. Believe me a Keto diet is by no means boring. You have an array of choices.

Also, one can enjoy all types of meat as they are usually zero carbs such as lamb, turkey, chicken, steak, ham, bacon, red meat. You can enjoy most of seafood such as salmon, tuna, shrimp, lobster, trout, cod, catfish. Eggs are your best friend in keto. they are zero calories based so yes, have eggs! You can even have cheese, butter and cream. Dry fruits like almonds, peanuts and walnuts are no harm in keto. Fruits like strawberries, avocados, olives, grapefruits, mulberries, orange, kiwis and apricots are must for keto diet. All low carb veggies are welcomed. Theses are green veggies, onions, peppers and tomatoes.

What should i eat in keto breakfast?

Lets answer the much awaited question that what should i eat in keto breakfast!

If you are a morning egg person, go for egg based breakfast. You can have following in a keto breakfast:

  • Egg muffins, can add your favorite veggies and serving with fresh tomatoes
  • Heavy omelet with cheese and veggies
  • Sugar free yogurt sided with berries and coca
  • cream cheese pancakes with grilled mushrooms
  • fried eggs

Some amazing Keto breakfast ideas to never make your mornings boring:

1.Keto hard boiled eggs

Hard boil eggs, cut them in half. Fill in with you favorite cheese and meat. I go for parmesan and boiled chicken. Season it with pepper and salt. Pinch with a stick to hold it together. Serve with hot coffee.

what should i eat in keto breakfast

2. Keto scrambled eggs with avacado

This is one of the booster breakfasts. It helps in boosting your energy levels. Scrambles eggs, place them in a bowl, season it with salt and pepper. Add in crisp bacon or any meat. you can even add sausages. Pair it up with avocados and cream cheese. and that’s it, a healthy bowl of breakfast!

3. Keto toasts

On the bread, assemble avocados, eggs, bacon, cheese and whatever you like. Thus, bake them and take them!

4. Keto Spinach Frittata

Enjoy spinach, eggs and sausages in the most healthy way. Click here for the free recipe.

what should i eat in keto breakfast

5. Keto breakfast salad

Keto breakfast salad is no ordinary and no boring salad. Nevertheless, it is an amazing, tasty and eye-catching salad. It has all that you love: veggies, berries, eggs, bacon, chicken, thyme and even nuts!

Full recipe here.

what should i eat in keto breakfast

6. Keto Smoothies

You can have a smoothies of avocado, strawberries, yogurt and peanut better. Here is my favorite one!

what should i eat in keto breakfast

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