Michael Jordan: A person who failed a lot



Some people are not lucky enough to become successful overnight. There are people like Michael Jordon who have to go through failures to reach the heights of success.

Now, known as the world’s most popular and successful basketball player, Michael Jordan did not hesitate to share his story. The man is true inspiration for those who believe in themselves and never give up!

Who is Micheal Jordan?

The best of all the athletes, the one having fan following across the globe, the one who inspires the youth and the old, is Jordan. Jordan, the man who showcased his talent like no one could, started off his journey in sports at school. However, this journey was full of adventures (or I must say failures!).

During his high school, he was rejected to become a part of high school basketball team. Not because he was not able to show off his talent, but because of his height and seniority as compared to the other selected candidate.

The story dates back to 1978, when Jordan was disapproved for playing for the varsity team and was asked to play for the junior team. The team selected Leroy Smith as he was taller than Jordan and was a senior. This was the first and the hardest failure for Jordon. He himself states that the 15 year old Jordon locked himself in his room and cried continuously at his ultimate defeat.

He felt so bad and devastated that he decided to give up sports as he was not good at it. However, it was his mother who supported him through this and convinced him to continue his sports.

He thereby started playing for the junior team. While working out, if he felt tired and wanted a break, the picture of the senior team on which his name was not printed would flash in his mind and he would abandon the idea of giving up. He would work-out for hours without a break. This is how legends make their failure their strength. His high school sports rival says that Jordan did not take his pain of failure temporary but it was what made him kept going. This became a constant part of his struggle: each failure made him double his effort.

He later went to the University of North Carolina and NBA, where he pursued his dream with tireless effort. Players like Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Kobe Bryant got their inspiration from Jordan.

The real success for Michael Jordan

This is not the end of the story of the greatest player. In year 2010, he became the owner of Charlotte Bobcats: a NBA basketball franchise. At that time, it was going through multiple losses and Jordan would use his own money to bear the losses.

Things got worse when the team held this worst record in the history of NBA: they could win only 7 games at a loss of 59 during the year 2011-12. But soon, Michael Jordan made substantial changes to the team from coach to the name. He became more focused on the team and improvements were on their way.

His team’s reputation became better and better with every single game they played.

Talking about his career as a basketball player, he said that he had missed 9000 shots, he was given the chance to go for the winning shot but missed 26 times. He had lost 300 matches but that is what made him successful in the end.

So guys, make failure your strength not weakness. Don’t be ashamed of failing, but whenever you fall put up all your strength to stand high! You may also like to read the story of J.K Rowling to get more inspiration!


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