How to use Netflix for free shows?

Netflix for free shows. How to use Netflix for free shows? Is it possible to use Netflix for free shows?

was founded by the two serial entrepreneurs Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in 1997. The company was first launched in Scotts Valley California then became the world’s one of the largest entertainment platforms. In the start, Netflix purely provides movie rental services. Users have to order the movie on the Netflix website than the DVD was received by post. After the user done with the movie it returns back the DVD in the envelope that has provided by the company.

At that time it facilitates those users very much who don’t have any DVD store nearby. Today Netflix is providing the facility to watch movies online to over 150 million paid customers in more than 190 countries. It not only offers movies but a wide range of Tv series, documentaries, feature films, and many more in different languages and genres including original productions.

Netflix for free shows

Now, it allows its users to watch some of NetFlix popular shows free of cost without any account. You can watch popular shows without signing in. You can watch them even without a trial account. The popular shows like Stranger things and Birdbox are free to watch. Moreover, you can only access the first episode. If you like them you have to pay to watch further episodes.

This is not the first time that Netflix allowed non-paid subscribers to watch its original content. Earlier his year, Netflix has allowed its user to watch its original movie “To all the boys I’ve loved before” to the unpaid subscriber. Though this was only for a limited time around Valentines. Similarly “Bard of Blood ” was also allowed free by Netflix to the users of India as it was made in India. Later on, this was removed.

Netflix didn’t announce this feature of “Watch free page” in any of its press releases. This is the reason it is hard to say that this feature will exist long or will be removed later on. You can access the watch free page right now and start watching for free.

List of Free TV shows| Netflix for free shows

Here is a list of shows that are free on Netflix and thus you can use Netflix for free shows:

  • Stranger Things
  • Elite
  • Boss Baby
  • When They See Us
  • Love is Blind
  • Our Planet
  • Grace and Frankie

List of FREE NETFLIX Movies

  • Murder Mystery
  • Bird Box
  • The Two Popes


The above article shows that Netflix has allowed it to unregister users to watch original content without any charges. You can access the content on watch free page of Netflix without any sign in. This opportunity may be available for some days so it is a good offer to unregistered users. If anybody wants to see free can easily access the page to watch. It will be a great experience for the unregistered users to avail of so many original movies and great serials to watch.


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