New Whatsapp Features: Shop via Chat

New WhatsApp features help to shop via chat. Enabling a diverse e-commerce experience and strengthening e-comerce industry! 

Facebook also owns WhatsApp, which is the most famous chat app in the world. It has different features such as advanced search, stickers, and strict privacy options. It has always something new for its users. Below is the list of some unique and upcoming WhatsApp features.

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Recently Facebook announced the new features of the most popular social media app: WhatsApp. And according to the latest news by WABetaInfo, it is working on two latest features to be active soon on this platform.

Whatsapp Chat Shopping

new whatsapp features

Facebook allows its users to shop from every platform they are using. As per the messenger of heels as well as Instagram. Whatsapp administration has confirmed new WhatsApp feature: its In-app shopping option. This has enabled users to communicate with business communities directly on Whatsapp. So, that they can place their orders conveniently.

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Although the company has not provided much detail about it. This WhatsApp feature promo video is uploaded on Twitter. From the promo video, we got an idea regarding new features. Simply, the individual messages the business directly, they respond with details of the product and its link. Users can also solve their queries here and add their desired items to the cart.

Catalog feature: a previous feature of WhatsApp with limited scope. But from now WhatsApp wants to give its users the best shopping experience. By this, you can use messenger for ordering anything. This empowers all user communities and makes shopping easy. Facebook pay is used for transactions. This was tested by owners at the beginning of this year.

New Whatsapp Features: Video Call

Other than that, WhatsApp is planning to add a number of other features. Users are able to video conference call with 50 individuals in connection with the messenger. It supports web version and desktop version. Users can join call invite directly from the web version of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp will also support multi-device chatting at a time on a number of phones. Every device will receive a notification. All other actions are also synced with all the devices. Along with this it also adds a permanent mute option for annoying chats notifications. Or It is very helpful for getting rid of active group notifications.

New WhatsApp features|Whatsapp Emoji Features

Whatsapp emoji are symbols that are present on WhatsApp for web and Android both. It is fun to use these emojis. Emojis make your texts look more expressive. Whatsapp often introduces new sets of emoji. Now it is going to introduce 138 latest emojis in the keyboard of the Android beta version. The new set includes new profession emoji racial symbols and many more.

New WhatsApp features|Whatsapp Dark Mode

The dark mode is also added to WhatsApp Feature. Both web and PC users are able to use it. Instead of a dark black background, you’ll see a unique dark-grey type background also an off-white color which lessens the brightness from the display screen, It reduces down the glare, It improves readability as well as contrast. Dark mode is now available on all devices. Simply enable dark mode on IOS devices in display settings, this will turn on dark mode for Whatsapp. Android users can go to Whatsapp settings and turn on dark mode.

Link to Twitter Video Shared By Whatsapp

Whatsapp QR Scanning

One of the most significant feature to be included in the WhatsApp platform is QR codes scanning for users’ profiles. Snapchat as well as Facebook are using the QR code feature. It is now going to be introduced on Whatsapp too.

With this feature, People will be navigating their own profile. A user’s QR code can then be shared to others. That QR code is linked with WhatsApp. It will allow them to share their details with their companions or relatives. With the help of a QR code you can add contacts quickly. By scanning it you are able to get every detail. Hence, please avoid sharing this QR on social media.


Now, these excellent features are the present beta phase of WhatsApp and, the platform will launch these features for general public use. We will post regular updates regarding this topic here.


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