Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation: Kumrat Cable Car and Brand Pakistan Projects

Pakistan tourism development corporation is a government institute that was formed on 31st March 1970. 

But, PTDC faced a loss of 700 million and as a result, the structure of the whole department is changed.

Pakistan tourism development corporation owns many hotels across the country. They also help people reach their desired destinations as they own transportation services across the country.

PTDC is also looking forward to launch Brand Pakistan by the end of this year. Brand Pakistan is going to be an international project.

In 2021 Pakistan will host the world tourist forum. About eight countries will take part in it. This forum is expected to make an investment of 3 billion dollars.

Importance of Pakistan tourism development corporation

Pakistan’s tourism development corporation is a government institute. This institute manages tourism development in Pakistan. Since years this institute has worked for the country. But, over the past years, PTDC has faced a loss of 700 million.

Tourism is a growing industry in Pakistan. Each year about 1.9 million tourists visit Pakistan. Most importantly, the tourism industry contributes 3.3% of total GDP. However, the percentage will increase in the coming years. It will happen as a result of the efforts the government to kick start the institute.

Recent projects by Pakistan tourism development corporation

Recently, Pakistan’s tourism development corporation is working on several projects. The cable car Kumrat project, Brand Pakistan, and world tourist forum are a few of them.

Cable car Kumrat project

KPK government under the guidance of PTDC is working on new projects. This project is to build the longest and highest cable car in the world. This cable car will join Kumrat with the Madaklasht area. This project costs about 32 billion PKR. The cable car will be 14 kilometers long.

kumrat cable car

Kumrat due to its natural beauty is known as the “Switzerland of Pakistan”. Prime minister Imran Khan visited Kumrat. PM then decided to present this beauty to the world. PTDC is working to develop the framework of the area by making roads, hotels, etc.

Brand Pakistan

Zulfi Bukhari (SAPM) during his press conference review the launch of Brand Pakistan. Pakistan tourism development corporation will launch “Brand Pakistan” by the end of 2020. The purpose of this program is to present the country’s tourism as an international Brand.

Moreover, to provide international tourists with the facilities of E-visa. The NTCB will establish an E-portal for international tourists. E-portal will cover all the details about hotels bookings etc.

The aim is to bring more tourists to the country.

World tourist forum

With the help of the PTDC, Pakistan will host world tourist forums. And, about eight countries will take part in this forum. As a result, Pakistan will make $3 billion through this forum. Participant countries include all wealthy countries like Turkey, Iran, etc.

This investment will result in an increase in tourism in the country.


Pakistan is also looking forward to developing the tourist industry. Pakistan tourism development corporation is trying tooth and nail to develop this industry. Unluckily, the institute (PTDC) is changed. PTDC is working on new projects. Brand Pakistan, cable car Kumrat project, and world tourist forum are a few of them.

According to Zulfi Bukhari (SAPM), the PTDC has done all the important arrangements. Therefore, we hope that the tourism industry will be able to attract twice the more tourists.


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