The Worlds oldest living Person and Her Eating Habits

Kane Tanaka is the Worlds oldest living person. She just celebrated her 117th birthday. Kane Tanaka belongs to Japan.

At this point, we are wondering to know how can someone manage to live such a long life.

Japan is famous for the longevity of its residents meaning that in Japan, people live the longest. This country is also known as the healthiest country. It is because of its healthiest habits in every aspect of life.

Healthy habits of the World’s oldest living person

Kane Tanaka is a resident of Fukuoka, a city that lies in southern Japan. she shared some of the healthy habits that she has adopted from her culture and lifestyle. Among some of her healthy habits, she has a habit of waking up early. According to her, she is an early riser who wakes up at 6 am in the morning. She eats a healthy diet.

The hidden secrets of longevity in Japan

Long life is possible but a healthy long life is not less than a dream come true. If we talk about Japan, the people of Japan live the longest and the healthiest. The city of Fukuoka and Okinawa are quite famous in Japan. These two cities are among five other cities where the people live aging well. We can learn several things from their lifestyle, culture, and habits.

Japanese Diet

The Japanese diet is an excellent diet that is proven well for aging. It is less in calories and at the same time enriched with all the essential nutrients. The use of Miso, a popular seasoning is also a reason for the Japanese to a healthy life. Miso comes with gut-healing properties that later lead to the longevity of life.


Washoku is a Japanese style of eating. This style has link with the connection of the Earth. It motivates them to garden their own fruits and vegetables and utilize them in a natural way. This is the reason they consume a lot of healthy diet

washoku japanese eating style


Moai is another factor that aids in the longevity of people of Japan. It is a social support group of lifelong friends. These groups provide varying support to people whether, it is social, health, or financial aid. In addition to this, it also provides spiritual interests.


Ikigai highlights the reason for living a life for a purpose. It is also linked with the longevity of Japanese. It makes life worthwhile after which an individual takes wiling actions that satisfy their sense of living.

ikigai japan concept for long life


These are some of the useful techniques that help the people of Japan to lead a healthy and long-living life. Kane Tanaka followed the above mentioned and gained the title of the Worlds oldest living person.


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