Payoneer in Pakistan – A Complete Guide

Is Payoneer in Pakistan? Can i use Payoneer in Pakistan? Is using Payoneer in Pakistan safe?

Payoneer, an online system for money transferring in Pakistan. It provides a solution to many problems. It has eased money transfers across different regions. Most freelancers are utilizing Payoneer for transactions. Mainly on platforms of e-commerce such as on up work as well as on Fiverr internationally. We can tell you how to use this in the best way.

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What is Payoneer in Pakistan?

It is a New-York based financial company. It provides a facility for online money transfers through virtual accounts. You do not need to be physically present in the bank to get an account and get money transactions. Users are spread throughout 200 countries around the globe. It serves as an alternative to PayPal.

Working of Payoneer in Pakistan

When a person registers on Payoneer, They get their virtual account. It can be utilized to send and receive the amount through all other platforms which Payoneer supports. You can use this account at ATMs. One can withdraw from their ATMs easily.

It is famous for working for banks’ ATMs, i.e; MCB and Faysal Bank in Pakistan. Please check the option of Payoneer in your bank as well.

Payoneer gives us a choice to withdraw money directly from our bank account. Cross transfer of money among different Payoneer accounts is made for free – without any charges.

After making an account. One can use its option from international platforms that support it. You can also receive or send payments to individual clients internationally. However, the receiver to be should make a payment request first.

Payoneer or Paypal in Pakistan

To date, PayPal is not working in Pakistan. Its easy replacement is Payoneer.  Individuals looking for money transfer across borders anywhere can use it. Pakistan has one of the largest freelancer communities in the world. Thus, the majority of users of Payoneer are freelancers. Now, Payoneer enables a person to receive cash from websites such as Up work, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Guru. It is used for online shopping as well.

Payoneer in Pakistan signup 

Let’s start about how to use a Payoneer account OR how to signup for Payoneer account and how you can send and receive money through Payoneer in Pakistan.

How to register and sign up for a Payoneer account?

The person has to open its app or site on their browser. Register yourself here. On the first screen, choose your profession, reason for signing up and income limit. Then it will ask for your personal information.

After filling in all the information, the person is also asked about their income sources, etc. They have to give details of their bank account along with identity proof before signing up. For making an account a user may need to Scan pictures of CNIC or license. You can make your Payoneer account with some simple steps

  • The first step contains the necessary details, for instance, birth details and identity.
  • The user has to provide their contact details and their confirmed residential address.
  • Then come the security details of a person and scanned pictures of their CNIC or driving license.
  • In the last step, bank details are required.

The account will be verified after one or two working days.

Activation of Payoneer account

For the activation of your Payoneer account, there are no charges. A simple process does full activation. You can activate it automatically on phone service. Follow the simple procedure to activate your account.

For account activation, following steps are necessary.

1)        log in to your account in Payoneer.

2)        Select the type of account you want activation for.

3)        Press status and account activation option. Then press “Activate”.

How to activate Payoneer card

4)        They ask for your 16-digit CNIC number. Write it without using a hyphen. After filling out again, click on “Activate “.

Hence, Your Payoneer card is activated in Pakistan.

Where can you use Payoneer?

These sites link with several marketplaces. It has partners so that you can use it at ATMs and online eCommerce websites. You can use it for getting paid by Facebook or Google. It is vastly used in many freelancer websites as well.

Payoneer Fees

The annual fees of Payoneer are $29.95. Other than that, your bank and ATM may charge you while making transactions.


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