How to share multiple Screens in Zoom app?

Is it possible to share multiple screens in Zoom app? How to share multiple Screens in Zoom app?

During this Coronavirus pandemic and long lockdown, people have started using several online meeting apps to study, work from home, or hold meetings with employers and employees. Zoom is also a famous app among them. Zoom is becoming a popular video conferencing app day by day with an increase in the number of its users. It has become an essential tool as it keeps its users in touch with their working environment without getting disrupted.

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Zoom has faced several security issues at the start but recently, it has added end-to-end encryption that helps to keep your account safe from privacy flaws. After the launch of several new features in this video conferencing app, it has also introduced a Multiple screens in zoom for its user.

The multiple screen option allows the participants to share their screen simultaneously during the meeting. People might be aware of this feature but those who are not much aware of this feature can get help from this article.

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How to share multiple screens in Zoom

How can I share multiple screens on zoom? This question comes into every user’s mind. Before knowing the answer, first of all, we want to tell you that the feature can only be enabled if the host of the meeting is using a desktop version of this app. This is because the participants who are using the app on their mobile cannot use this feature spontaneously because if any one of the participants is sharing the screen, the other participant using the mobile app cannot share their screen.

Multiple Screen Sharing in Zoom

Such participants can only see the most recent shared screen and cannot change the screen. Hence, the host must use the desktop version of this app.

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Here is the complete procedure to use split screen:

  • First of all, open the zoom app on your desktop.
  • Start the zoom meeting as the host
  • Place the call to start up a meeting
  •  Once it has been done, click on the upward arrow on the right side of the share screen
  • Change the setting to “Multiple participants can share simultaneously”.
  • This will enable all the participants (except those who are using the mobile app) to share their screen while using the share screen button.
  • People who are using the desktop version of this app can also select the “view option” to change the screen options that there are viewing.
  •  The host has the option to change the setting of the meeting to one participant or multiple participants can share the screen anytime.

How to enable dual monitor option

People having multiple monitor setup can take full benefit of this feature by enabling the dual monitor option in the Zoom client setting. Follow the procedure to enable the dual monitor option and take full benefit of this feature.

  • Open zoom app on your desktop
  • Sign in to your Zoom account
  • Click on the profile icon and move to settings
  • Now click on the “General” tab
  • Click on the check box “use dual monitor” to enable the setting
  • After enabling this video you will view the participant’s videos on one monitor and your shared screen on another monitor.
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We hope this article will let you understand how to share multiple screens on Zoom.


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