Guide to skin care for summers! (top 9)

Skin care for summers is an ultimate guide to keep your skin healthy and fresh during the blazing hot season! 

Summer season is here with blazing sun and scorching heat waves that are unpleasant for your skin. Pollution and other environmental contaminants are more active during the summer season. They take away the natural radiance of your skin leaving it tan, oily and with blemishes.

How does Summer Affect our Skin?

protecting skin from summer sun

The months of summer are extremely hot and humid. The increase in the weather temperature increases the activity of our sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are small microscopic exocrine glands in the skin that secrete oil and waxy matter called sebum into the hair follicles to lubricate the skin and hair. This is the reason that oily skin appears oilier and dry skin appears patchy and rough during the summer.

The direct sun rays that shine on your skin produce more melanin pigments. The increase in melanin makes the skin darker than usual, it causes sunburns and tanned skin causing early aging and cancer signs.

How are Pimples Caused on the Skin?

pimples in summers

The increase in the temperature in summer season causes more pores to open on your skin. All the excessive dirt and oil gets clogged in your pores, trapping the bacteria that cause several acne and pimples or blemishes on the skin that is unforgiving for your beautiful skin.

How to have skin care for summers?

Clean and clear skin enhances your beauty. In summer your skin gets worse day by day and you take every possible step to care of your skin. There comes a point when you don’t understand how to deal with the situation and what to do to make your skin better and glowing in summers.

The Planet Today will help you in this regard. Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your skin in summers. Do not shy to read out if you’re a male because this article is not only for ladies. It will be helpful for both genders equally.

1. Change your Face Wash

When you move from winter to summer, you should keep in mind that now your face wash should be changed. In summer you need a face wash that can clean your face thoroughly drawing out all the excessive oil from your skin and every pore. If you have a dry or combinational skin you need a foaming cleanser. Wash your face with face wash at least two to three times a day.

2. Keep your Skin Hydrated, best skin care for summers!

skin care for summers

In summer, your skin needs more moisture and requires more hydration than in winter. Always try to drink plenty of water in summer as it will help to keep your skin tissues healthy by flushing out all the toxins from your skin through urine and sweat. Hydrated skin looks more soft, supple and radiant.

Besides this, you can select any good hydrating mask to hydrate and soothe your skin from dryness, roughness, acne or blemishes.

3. Use Less Makeup

Summer is the time when you should cut down on your makeup. You should wear minimal facial makeup that eases your skin to breathe properly. Avoid heavy makeup and always keep your skin moisturized with any light tinted or non-greasy moisturizer. Don’t be under the impression that your skin does not need any moisturizer in summer. Always look for light and non-greasy makeup products to wear in summer.

4. Skin care for summers: Use Sunscreen and Refreshing Toner 

During the summer season, make a routine to apply sunscreen on every open part of your body whenever you go out in the open sun. Sunscreen will protect your skin better from the intensity of sun rays. It acts as a broad ultraviolet spectrum that covers UVA and UVB.

use sun screen to protect skin in summers

Similarly, using refreshing and good toner on your skin will help to close all open pores. The T-area of our face has more sebaceous glands which makes it look the greasiest in the summer. Pay attention to this part of your face. If any toner is not available, try icing your skin as it will help to tighten the open pores of your face and prevent dirt accumulation on your skin.

5. Exfoliate your skin regularly

taking care of your skin in summers

In order to maintain your healthy soft and beautiful skin, make a habit of exfoliation as it is the main key to get brighter and smoother skin. Exfoliation removes dull skin and dead cells that congest the skin and prevent it from breathing. Select a mild exfoliator for your skin or make any natural exfoliator at your home.

6. Don’t Forget your Eyes and Feet

In summer the skin around your eyes becomes more delicate and sensitive than other days. Make a habit to use any mild under-eye gel. You can also soothe your eyes with cucumber or honey.

Likewise, another main problem in summer is wearing open footwear and not everyone remembers to care for their feet. Everybody’s focus is on the face and hands. Don’t forget that your feet are also part of your body and they too need care during summer. Wash your feet regularly and exfoliate your feet regularly to make them look clean and beautiful.

how to take care of skin during summers

7. Use Antioxidants during Summer

Get a new antioxidant serum for your skin. It will prevent your skin from environmental damage. Besides this, it will boost collagen production and will scavenge harmful free radicals to prevent the skin from damage. Antioxidants can also be used in regular diet to enhance beauty and continue with your skin care regimen.

sources of antioxidants, skin care for summers

8. Don’t forget natural remedies

Besides all the market available skin caring products, you can also use natural remedies. If you are unable to afford expensive hydrating masks, toners or sunscreen then no need to worry. Just remember that your kitchen is full of ingredients that are good for your skin in summer.

Tomato is your skin’s best friend in summer

rubbing tomato on face

Applying tomato on your skin will absorb all the heat from your skin and soothes your skin.  Make a paste of tomato pulp, lemon juice and plain yogurt. Applying this will clean your skin and reduce darkness of your skin.

Don’t forget Potatoes!

Similarly, potato contains bleaching agents that cleanse your skin. Coffee grounds along with salt can be used as an exfoliator. Make aloe vera gel cubes to cool your skin.

Make Hydrating Mask at Home

Spray rose water as a refreshing toner. You can also make a cooling mist by mixing cucumber juice with rose water and mint. It will keep your skin hydrated and cool in the scorching heat. You can scrub your skin using lemon or sea salts. Make a mask with honey and cinnamon powder to get rid of sun scars and rashes or acne.

skin care for summers

Furthermore, take a shower with normal water to keep yourself fresh and your skin from drying.

Drink Detox Water

No doubt all of us drink plenty of water in summers to quench our thirst and to keep ourselves hydrated. Indeed water is a good source of hydration but when mixed with the perfect ingredients like lemon and cucumber it will not only keep you hydrated but also make your skin feel more fresh and clean.

All you have to do is make a jug of detox water by adding cucumber, lemon, and mint in the water. Make a routine to drink it daily during the summer. This will help to detox all the dirt and is a natural cleanser for your skin.

detox water benefits: skin care for summers

9. Don’t forget to use summer accessories

Summer accessories like hats, umbrella, and sunglasses were manufactured to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. So make sure to use these summer accessories whenever you leave your home.

skin care for summers
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