Top 10 highest paying Jobs in America – 2019

From Cardiologists to architects, the highest paying jobs vary! America is a dreamland for everyone. Everyone desires to move to a foreign country for a better carrier orientation. For better carrier orientation the first main thing is to seek a good paying Job. Last year, LinkedIn published a report listing down some jobs as the highest paying jobs of the year 2019.

The report was published to help job seekers of America and other countries who wish to start their career in America.

The Planet Today is going to list down the top 10 best jobs in America that pay the highest salaries and other allowances.

Note: Salary mentioned is on annual basis. The term median salary refers to the mid-point of what the people in this profession are earning. Some might earn more than this and some might earn less.

highest paying jobs

1. Cardiologist – The Highest Paying Job

No doubt, doctors are earning good salaries in every specialization. Cardiology is a medical profession. A cardiologist is a heart specialized doctor that examines the patient’s heart, diagnoses heart-related issues and performs heart surgeries. Cardiologists have become the most demanded professionals in the United States. They are receiving highest salaries in their profession. Their median salary is $356,000.

2. Radiologists

After the cardiologist job, radiologist’s job is on the second number of the highest paying jobs in America. A radiologist is a person who deals with high energy radiations, X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and many other medical images of a patient. The median salary of a radiologist is 355,000.

3. Anesthesiologist

Anesthesia process is not as easy as we think. This task is not done by the doctor himself. A patient’s sense is mostly controlled by anaesthesia before every surgical operation. A special physician or anaesthesiologist is hired to manage and administer the entire anesthesia process maintaining the blood pressure, sugar level, breathing rate and the heartbeat of the patient in the operation theatre. A little negligence can put the patient’s life at risk. This is a very critical duty to perform. This is the the reason professional anesthesiologists are among the highest paid individuals. Their median salary is $350,000.

4. Surgeon

Surgeons are receiving handsome income in the US. A surgeon is a qualified medical professional who can perform several surgeries. The hard part of this job is perform the surgery accurately. Job of a surgeon is a highly stressful job and requires a unique skill set. The median salary of a surgeon in the US is $ 338,000. Besides this, you can also earn a better income if you are an oral or maxillofacial surgeon.

5. Pathologist

A pathologist is the one who studies the cause of a disease. Done in the laboratory by supervising the blood, urine, and other body fluids, body secretions that are taken as a sample to diagnose the disease or are the part of the autopsy. If you are a pathologist you have a chance to earn a handsome salary in the US. The median salary of a pathologist in the US is $225,000.

6. Physician

Physicians examine the patient’s medical history and cure their disease through medication. They order, perform and interpret the medical reports of the patient and counsel on the diet and health of the patient. The median salary of the physician is $220,000.

7. Hospitalists

Hospitalists are physicians who solely treat hospitalized patients. They are responsible for patient treatment, treatment and caring of hospitalized patients. Their median salary is $220,000.

8. Psychiatrist-one of the highest paying jobs!

A psychiatrist is a person who diagnoses and treats mental disorders and prescribes medication and treatment to cure mental or behavior disorders. The job of Psychiatrist is among the list of highest paying jobs in America. Their Median salary is $218,000.

9. Petroleum Engineer

There is a huge demand for petroleum engineers in the US. Petroleum engineering is a vast field where engineers are required for several special duties. The median salary of a petroleum engineer in America is $154,780.

10. Enterprise Architect

An enterprise architect is a technical architect that ensures his work with the group of stakeholders to develop the view of the organization strategy. The job of the enterprise architect has a median salary of $115,944.


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