How to have motivation for health? 5 Easy and sustained steps for health motivation!

Motivation for health will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle routine that will help you sustain peaceful mind and soul! 

Why is Motivation for health needed?

motivation for health

To embark yourself on the journey of your health and wellbeing is often easier said than done. To alter your dietary preferences and giving up your most loved meals is very challenging. Starting your health plan is literally an effortless task but staying on this routine is cumbersome. You have worked on your body needs and stamina to keep up with your healthy routine. You might also need to watch videos of weight loss conquest on people on YouTube or read inspirational quotes of athletes that motivated them to stay fit for their job. The motivation to achieve your goal is something that keeps you awake and facing challenges. Experts believe that you cannot move a step forward without having the motivation to do it.

Being in a state of decent health gives you a feeling of empowerment and control over your body and mind. It does not only have positive effects on your physical state but also on your emotional health. You will be less stressed and will sleep like a baby. Your overall quality of life will also improve. In this article, we will help you by giving you important tips on keeping your spirits high and ways to stay motivated to keep up with your health.

motivated about health

The Planet Today explains the 5 things that keep you motivated about your health.

1. The phenomena of Role Modeling

role modeling for motivation

A lot of young girls have unrealistic role models like Barbie which is a personification of perfection for them. It is imperative to make ourselves release the real role model around us when it comes to fitness and health. You can watch YouTube videos on how ordinary people like you were able to lose extra kilos and look more attractive. It is important that you keep up your pace by idealizing like your role models. It is not a bad idea to adopt their routines and diet plans because they are tried and tested with positive outcomes. The best way to stay focused is following a pattern of healthy diet and exercise. Don’t beat yourself up on the fact that you escaped a salad to have a burger of your choice. Your role models might have cheated on their routine like that once or twice as well.

2. Game of your Mindset

People who follow a routine of a healthy diet have a motive to achieve. It might range from living a longer life to feeling strong or avoiding any ancestral diseases. Others might be motivated with the idea of how good looking they will become after adopting a healthy routine or will be able to wear clothing of their choice. All the reasons are correct to keep you motivated but do these reasons surround your mind? As a famous saying is: “out of sight, out of mind.” Is that something that happens to you? The answer is that you have to trap your mind into the persona of the person you want to become so you never forget your goals. Visualize the healthier version of yourself which will make you happy and motivated to stay on track. Write down your goals and display them in front of your bed so you can see them every morning.

Mindset for better health

An alternative route to change your mindset about a healthier life is to be grateful for all the blessings you have in your life. Being happy about who you are and how you can turn around your life will have a significant impact on your health routine outcomes. List down the things you achieved in your life with vigor and up hilled your battles of life. That will make you believe that you can do the same with your health preferences. These gratifications will make your decisions easier and motivate you every single day to move forward.

3. Realistic Goal Setting

A vision without a plan will remain in your mind forever. Map out the ways in which you will perform certain functions for a healthy life. Things will not happen by themselves. You are the driving force of your life. Take out a piece of paper to start writing about your realistic goals and trivial steps to achieve them. Put a date of completion in front of each step. The goal is to pressurize you in a positive way to achieve your ambitions. It is imperative that you set goals which are realistic. For instance, losing 60 pounds in a week is not a realistic goal and will make you demotivated at the end of your deadline. You should try to break the steps into phases and you will feel energized when you will able to achieve these little outcomes. This is the only way to keep your progress on track.

Realistic Goals

You should plan ahead of your time. Buy a calendar and make all your anticipated milestones in it. Take into consideration that your health is the most important thing in your life. Prioritize your tasks according to your daily activities. Set visual reminders like checking out a video of Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. It will keep your mind into perspective.

4. Balancing your Routine

Balancing routine

The key to balance your diet is positive reinforcement. People often concentrate on what they will reduce from their diet or what’s not good for them. It fills your mind with negativity and chaos. You start believing that nothing is good for you. The key to achieving balance is to focus on good things like what you will add in your daily life to benefit in a positive manner. For example, if you’re the main source of hydration is soda. There is a probability that you already are aware of the fact that you have to drink more water than usual. So your soda consumption will decrease automatically without even using any words of removed or forbidden.

5. Knowledge of Overeating


The knowledge of the problem areas is vital to keep you motivated. In this way, you will have a plan to cope up with the stress. You have to ask yourself if you use food as a way to combat your disappointment, boredom or rejection in your personal life. It is an eating disorder in psychological terms. So, the root to eliminate the problem is to eradicate the stressors in your life and find ways to cope up with your stresses in a healthy way. You can switch from high-calorie food to a healthy one like chunks of fruit, veggies, flavored water, and sugar-free gum.


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