Sleeping with lights on can increase your weight

Sleeping with lights on is linked with several issues like depression, lack of sleep, bad mood, and other health complications. And if that wasn’t enough, sleeping with the lights on can also increase weight!!

It is well indicated that sleeping with lights on is never good for human health. However, you can lose your weight but if you know what is the cause of it. If you are among those who sleep in a lighted room, you should reconsider it and must read this.

How it is to sleep with lights on in the room?

Most of us fall asleep while watching television or during some night light on in the room. Exposure of the human body to lights while sleeping is dangerous for health. It makes it difficult for the brain to achieve a perfect and deep sleep no matter how tight your eyes are closed.

Once you make a habit of sleeping with lights on, you never achieve complete rest at night, your body starts getting light sleep at night. Lights on in the room start affecting the brain activities that allow you to get deep sleep.

sleeping with lights on

Some previous studies that have been conducted prove that sleeping with lights on causes hormonal imbalance, migraine, depression, increases the risk of chronic illnesses, and also cause accidents.

Medical Researches on Sleeping with lights on

Some of the recent research discovered that sleeping with lights on can cause obesity. JAMA Medical research has recently announced that people mostly fall asleep in the television lights or bright nightlights. This can cause them to put on some extra pounds.

sleeping in television light

Explanation by Dr. Yong-Moon Mark Park

Dr. Yong-Moon Mark Park further explained this situation saying that exposure to unnatural light sources during night time can decrease the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep hormone that is only released by the body when the body relaxes under a dark environment.

Furthermore, he also described that sleeping with lights on can also disrupt your sleep-wake cycles and also stress hormones. It has a negative impact on our metabolic processes that result in obesity, unnecessary swelling, and weight gain.

Practical Study conducted on women

To understand this process, the study was conducted on 43,722 women. All the ladies were aged 35 to 74. They were categorized into four different groups, no light, small nightlight in the room, the light outside the room, and the light of television in the room.

Shocking results observed

After a few weeks, the amazing results were derived. The body mass index of all the women was observed. According to the results, the women who were exposed to the artificial lights showed a massive increase in Body mass index which was above 10%. Such women were high at risk of being obese.

On the other side, the women who were not directly exposed to artificial lights showed no increase in the body mass index. Hence, it was proved that we should sleep in absolute darkness (especially women). The study was conducted on women and women are claimed to be at higher risk of obesity than men.

sleeping with lights on increase your weight

Hence, it is confirmed that sleeping with lights on can increase your weight so it is must to sleep in complete darkness, not only to avoid obesity but also to improve your overall health. Good sleep improves good health and also restores your energy making you active and energetic the whole day long.


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