Latest WhatsApp Hidden Features

Whatsapp is always updating their features and thus have introduced Latest WhatsApp Hidden Features!

Owned by Facebook, Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. It is a social media platform used by many individuals. Let it be businesses, executives, or common people, Whatsapp has spread its uses all over the globe. Having said that, due to its popularity, Whatsapp tends to bring improvement in its system after a short period, forming up a new edition.

In our article today, we will be discussing certain tips and tricks associated with Whatsapp that can enhance users’ experience.

Media Visibility Option

There is an option in Whatsapp which gives you the control whether you wish to see the newly downloaded media content which you get from the chat in your gallery or not. Most people do not know about this option and therefore they download the images, videos, and even audios in chats, which as a result consumes memory space in their phone. Media visibility option will give you three choices, Yes by default, Yes or no. Yes means the downloaded item will be saved in your gallery and No means you can view the media in chat but not in the gallery.

Latest WhatsApp Hidden Features

Fingerprint Lock Option

As most of the smartphones, today have a fingerprint sensor. You can utilize that to make your Whatsapp more secure. Just go to the privacy of your WhatsApp, at the bottom there would be a fingerprint lock. Enable it and you are good to go. It is secure but, there is no way you can get access to your Whatsapp in case you are unable to unlock it through your fingerprint.

Read the messages without the sender knowing

When we read a Whatsapp message, the sender is informed about it by looking at the blue ticks. However, if you want to read the messages and don’t want to show blue ticks, you can simply go to privacy and uncheck the read receipts box. But remember, by doing this, you would also be unable to know whether the receiver has seen the messages or not. The alternative ways are using the notification and Airplane method.

Latest WhatsApp Hidden Features

Read The Deleted Messages

This is by far the most amazing unorthodox trick. If you are curious to know what message your friend sent to you and then immediately deleted it, then you just need to download the notification log app and allow access to read the notification. The app can be used for other purposes too.

Automatic Response to WhatsApp Messages

This trick is for businesses and professionals. Download the app Auto-Reply for WhatsApp, and this will help you enable the auto-response system for your clients or for anyone who needs to know about you. There are other related apps as well.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages

If you want to send someone messages but on a specific time, you can schedule them using the Schedule app for Whatsapp. Give access to the app and complete the requirements, this would then enable you to schedule messages.

Restrict the data used by WhatsApp

To resist the data from getting squandered by Whatsapp, you only need to go to the Data and Storage option and according to your desire, you can allow the type of media to be downloaded while using a certain data type. For example, you need to save mobile data, you can allow only photos to be downloaded as they won’t harm your data usage that much.

Pin Conversation and make shortcuts

To pin conversation, long-press that particular conversation and you will have a pin icon that you need to click on. To make a shortcut of a particular conversion on your main page, click on triple dots, and select create a shortcut.

Check the exact time that when did a person read your message

To know the exact time when did a person read your message, just long-press the specific message and click on the (i) icon, this will provide you the details. Moreover, this trick is very helpful in Whatsapp groups as well.

Format WhatsApp Messages

Latest WhatsApp Hidden features

If you wish to make your WhatsApp messages more attractive, you can change their fonts. You just need to write the text in the message input field,  long-press the specific portion of the text you need to change, and then click the three dots option. There you go! You will now have various types to choose from. If you wish to manually format the text just do the following:

  • *ABC*  =   ABC
  • _ABC_ =  ABC
  • ~ABC~ =  ABC

Transfer Files Between Phone and PC Using WhatsApp

It is easy. Just send a file to a particular contact. Open your Whatsapp on PC’s browser. And then download the file. You can also upload the file and use it on your phone.

Email the Chat Conversation

Email the specific conversation using a simple method. Go to settings and click chat. There onwards, go to the chat history and access the export chat option. There choose a specific conversation and you can then email it to anyone with or without the media. Apart from email, you can export the chat to any other medium as well.

Backup data On Google Drive

In case you switch the phone, you must have a backup of your Whatsapp data. In order to have backup data on google drive, go to settings and chats, there you click chat backup and set the backup frequency of your choice.

Replace WhatsApp Number

To use the same Whatsapp account but with a different WhatsApp number, you have to follow just a few steps. Go to settings, then account, and from there click on change number. Enter the new number and you are good to go. Moreover, your contacts and groups would be notified about your new number as well.

Hide Notification from the Lock screen

You can hide the Whatsapp notification from the lock screen by just long-pressing the particular notification you received from Whatsapp messages. Then click on details, and after that go to the lock screen option. You can choose the hide content option there. It will help enhance your privacy a bit.

Make UPI Payments

In the attachment, Whatsapp has replaced the Camera icon and has added a UPI Payment option. Click on that, and you can then pay anyone without leaving the app. However, this option is available in specific countries only.

Send Long Duration Audio Recording

Previously you had to press the audio recording option and were needed to continuously hold it to send the long recording. But after the new Whatsapp feature, you just need to hold the recording option and drag the option to the lock button. You will have the ability to record long audio recordings without holding the icon for a long period.

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Hear Voice Messages privately via earpiece

If you want to hear the voice messages of WhatsApp similar to those you hear during a voice call, you just need to play the audio recording and raise your phone to your ear. This will result in the recording being played through the earpiece.

QR Feature on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has made it easy for individuals and businesses to deal with each other. Now, with its QR Feature, you can only scan the QR code of a business and get all of the information about it in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is, open more options, go to settings, and there you will find the QR icon. Tap the scan mode and hold your phone stable in front of the QR code so that it could get scanned. Your friends can also scan the Qr code and get your contact details.


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