Why you should never post pictures of your boarding pass online or throw it away!

What is a boarding pass?

A document provided by an airline is a boarding card or a boarding pass. During check-in, it gives passenger permission to enter the restricted area of an airport. Also, only due to the boarding pass, passengers can board the airplane for a particular flight. It identifies the passenger, the flight number, and the date and scheduled time for departure.

A boarding pass may also show details of the perks a passenger is written to, and is thus presented at the entrance of such facilities to show eligibility.. Which includes lounge access, priority boarding, etc

In some cases, flyers can check-in online and print the boarding passes themselves. Just to enter the secure area at the airport the boarding pass is required for a passenger.

What information does the boarding cards contain…

Everyone knows how much important it is to take care of our passports, but many of us are not aware that our boarding passes are also as important as our passports.

Large number of passengers traveling from one place to another ignore this matter. Some of them take photos of the pass while boarding / traveling and post it on social media accounts and share it in public.

Also, many people leave their boarding passes on the seat at the airport or on the plane after they arrive at their desired destination. Most of us do not take care of our boarding cards as we care of our passports and other belongings.

While posting such type of information you invite hackers to make a cyberattack and you have exposed your email, phone numbers, address, and other personal information. They can also use your boarding pass to hack your financial accounts.

What should you do about the boarding card/pass?

It is necessary for a traveler that he/she should place their boarding pass in a safe place or dispose of in such a way that nobody can extract your personal information from it. Even the boarding card expires, we have to take care of it.

It is necessary for a traveler that he/she should place their boarding pass in a safe place or dispose of in such a way that nobody can extract their personal information from it.

This is just because for your own safety from the criminals so they can not harm you in any way.

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Final Words

From the above article, it’s concluded that we should take care of our belongings. In this case, we have noticed how a simple boarding card can be a problem for us. Criminals can use this card against us and there are many different ways criminals can harm us.

For example, if they scan bar code they can get secret and personal information about us. They can get access to our bank accounts. They can get our report where we came from and where we are going and even where we belong and our address.

We should try to make our personal information highly confidential so no one can get it. In this case, especially we should avoid showing our boarding card to the public.

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