Unpredicted Polar Heat waves raise alarms

Polar Heat waves in the artic and Antarctic in recent years have concerned climate scientists about the rapid climate breakdown. A huge climate crisis can accrue if the heat level rises at the Earth’s poles.

Today, the entire world is facing dire consequences of Global warming. Seasonal temperatures have risen above 40 degrees Celcius above normal in Antarctica and more than 20 degrees Celcius in the Arctic.

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Much of the Antarctic ice cover land, and its melting can raise the sea levels. According to the scientists, the events were “unpredicted” and were planned for the future much ahead of time.

According to the director of the Earth system Science center Michael Maan,

“The extreme weather conditions recorded were exceeding prediction of weather to a worrying extent.”

Earth’s cryosphere-areas where water freezes for the whole year- is under a lot of stress from extreme weather conditions for years. According to research, the polar regions are warming at a much faster rate than before.

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Since the industrial revolution, many harmful gases are being produced which are affecting the planet in many ways. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted from factories are increasing the temperature, due to this the glaciers are melting and reaching the land which is increasing the seawater levels.

The effects of the recent temperature change also have an effect on Polar Bears. The Polar Bears are dying out as the ice floor is melting and without sea ice, the polar bears cannot hunt for seals (their main food source). In fact, according to scientists free artic is possible by 2050.

How to prevent the glaciers from melting?

As the effects on the polar regions are caused by humans. We can stop the polar regions from melting by using Electricity and Water wisely. We can use the following methods to contribute toward controlling the temperature rise in the polar regions.

1: Energy produced by fossil fuels leaves too much pollution in the environment we can use clean energy sources such as wind and solar energy

2: As cars use combustion engine which runs on petrol which is extracted by burning fossil fuels, they emit dangerous gases to the environment. To prevent this, people can use fewer cars and walk more or use hybrid or electric vehicles such as the new Tesla, which completely runs on electricity. Electric engine cars also damage our environment but to a less extent

Polar heat waves a conclusion!

Scientists are sure that 2022 will be in the top 10 hottest records of temperature. UN researchers say that the industrial emission must fall in the next 3 years or the world will face a catastrophic temperature rise. If the temperature cannot be controlled the melting ice sheets can raise the seawater level to an uncontrollable level.


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