How to have a healthy and clear skin? (4 effective ways)

Most of us, if not all of us, want healthy and clear skin. Because, no matter how much amount of makeup we put on and how much we try to hide the textures and tones, some of it is still visible.

Also, only Amber Heard can use makeup to hide anything on her skin, most of us would look terrible doing so. Admit it, we aren’t professionals nor want people to see that we have another face behind our face.

Healthy and clear skin in summer makes you more confident. Who can wear heavy makeup in the house during summers? And believe me, I am frozen in winters to hide all unhealthy skin. Also,  as students, professionals, and as homemakers, we all are exposed. We want to look our best, and our first impression is our skin. A texture, uneven, untoned skin can just push our confidence down. in the world of social media, it has become important to have good skin. By good skin, we don’t mean fair skin. We mean healthy skin.

healthy and clear skin

This article is for teens, young and old. people who love makeup and who do not. it is about skin. Skin which is healthy and clear. As beginners, we think ,makeup can hide everything, as professionals we know, that is the worst decision we make! So, if you want to have a healthy and clear skin, follow the given steps, that have been taken down by experience and by dermatologists.

1. Protect yourself from the sun

We know, we don’t live in the world that is any way safer. Even our skins are not safe from the sunlight as we are depleting our Ozone. the sunlight has high UV rays which can cause skin burn, skin rash and other skin problems such as skin allergies, skin cancer and irritations.
healthy and clear skin
For healthy skin,  you need to protect yourself from sun, especially in summers. because, i cant suggest you to stay home in summers. So here is what you can do:
  • Wear a sunscreen: invest in a good sunscreen. If you think sunscreens can cause whiteness and layered texture to skin, apply it fifteen minutes prior leaving house, keep yourself under a fan or cool place. let your skin absorb it and then leave your house. this will also reduce sweat which is caused by wearing sunscreen. Also, this is a good hack for those who wish to wear makeup in summers.
  • Seek protection: Have an umbrella, caps and try walking in shades. This is must for if you are under direct sun during 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Wear full clothes: Try wearing full sleeves shirts and pants. This will help reduce direct impact of sunlight on your skin.

2. Forgo smoking

To have a healthy skin, you need to have a healthy life. Smoking is not good for health and skin. Excessive smoking leads to wrinkles on your face. This is because the chemicals in the cigarette cause the blood vessels of the outermost skin layer to shrink. Thus defining wrinkles on the face.   Also, since your lungs are affected, which means the healthy amount of oxygen to skin is not being given!

Quit smoking, enjoy your healthy skin and healthy life!

3. Need healthy and clear skin: Go Organic!

Since I believe that most of us are using chemicals in different forms on our skin, be it lotions, make up or any other type. we need to pamper our skin with the organic products. Make sure you opt for products with NO Mercury. Do not fall for those skin brightening cheap products. Rather., go for organic regime. I, prefer doing it on weekend to pull out the stress out of my skin. Give your skin a break from all the chemicals and go for no chemicals on weekends. Rather apply organic product. Invest in a good Organic skin care company’ products. Also invest in organic fruits and vegetables. Or follow these:

Budget friendly ways for healthy and clear skin

  • Replace facemask with Homemade Gram Flour:  take some gram flour, add in water to make a paste. apply on to the skin and rinse it after it dries. If your skin is dry, add half a lemon and few drops of rose water. To have more of it, add in some honey and turmeric powder.
  • Replace Lotions and moisturizers with Aloe Vera: If you have access to fresh Aloe Vera, cut out a stem, rub it on face, neck and skin. keep it until you want it on the body.
  • Replace Eye creams with potatoes: if you have time, cut thin slice of potatoes and place on your eyes, just like cucumbers. This will help in reducing the eye bags and dark circles. If you can’t do this, rub the potatoes under and above the eyes for a while.
  • Go for fruits: I prefer making fruit masks. I wear orange and strawberry masks, simply by rubbing them across my skin. Also, I love rubbing some watermelon and tomatoes to brighten up my skin!
  • Rice water: soak in some rice for 30 minutes, keep the water, and refrigerate it. spray on skin to get a gloss look. you can use it for up to 3-4 days!
  • Fresh cream: If you have access to fresh dairy cream, use it as a hand and face cream for 15 minutes. your skin will get moisturized, the dullness will go away and it will get brighten. apply it cool in Summers.

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4. Have a healthy lifestyle for healthy and clear skin

Your body reflects your lifestyle. What you eat, and what choices regarding your health you make reflect on your outer-self. For instance, intaking high amount of sugars can reflect on weight and pimples and acne. A very high proteins diet can cause body to swell. Oily Foods can cause different issues from Cholesterol  and pimples. Have a balanced diet. Eat fruits, vegetables ad proteins in balanced amounts while carbs in limited amounts.

Also, have you ever seen that even if you are not unhappy or stressful, but people claim you look dull? why is that so, because you have improper sleep. Sleep at night, because the daylight, the first rays of sun are good for skin and eyes. When you sleep late and wake up late, it means, first you have been eating late and sleeping right after it, causing extra deposits on skin. Second, you either miss breakfast, which is missing milk and eggs, which are essential for skin or missing a full round of sleep. Have you ever seen new-mums. their faces and skin just show that they are missing sleep and taking meals at inappropriate time!

For healthy and clear skin, drink loads of water to keep it hydrated.

The Don’ts for healthy & clear skin!

  •  invest in cheap makeup.
  •  wear expired makeup, lotion or skin products.
  •  use bleach on skin!
  •  sleep with make-up on your skin
  •  go for excessive saloon based facials!
  •  use make-up brushes with tons of makeup on them already.
  •  go in sun without sunscreen!


There is nothing for granted. At least as we age, weight and skin need care. We might be blessed, but it is up to a certain point in time. At to make it clear, not all of us are blessed. For clear and healthy skin, you need to invest in yourself. Learn to manager stress and healthy life. Make a commitment to pamper your skin with rightful products. Use organic products in your diet and on your skin!

Have a happy healthy life and healthy and clear skin!


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