What is people per Hour? (Full guide for freelancers-2023)

The People Per Hour marketplace allows users to connect with over two million freelancers and is among the most flexible marketplaces for freelancers. It is possible to review their profiles and portfolios if you are interested in hiring freelancers. With PeoplePerHour, you can find a freelancer to create content, program an app, edit a podcast, or do just about anything else you need. And all this at competitive rates! The People per hour rate is relatively low and thus competitive! 

What is the truth about this online marketplace? Is it a reliable solution, or is it worse than it appears? Do people per hour offer good rates? Can I build a People per hour profile? How to find people per hour jobs? Is the customer support of people per hour good? What are people per hour rate?

Let’s find out the answers to all these!

What is People Per Hour?

People Per Hour enables businesses to choose freelancers, receive proposals within minutes, and post a job for free. Professionals can assist companies with a wide range of skills for any project. A few examples of these services are design, web & mobile development, writing & translation, video, photography & audio, business support, admin, software development, marketing & social media, etc.

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People Per Hour breaks convention by offering a 24/7 service on which over one million people can interact in search of freelancers and skilled professionals. By eschewing the 9-5 work paradigm, business operations empower people to generate an independent income stream.

Xenios Thrasyvoulou founded the company in 2007. Its mission is to develop a dynamic workplace where people can live an independent lifestyle with an equal chance of success. A total of 1.1 million jobs have been posted on People Per Hour, $100 million has been generated for freelancers, 1.5 million registered users have signed up, and the company operates in 89 countries worldwide.

The numerous benefits of using People Per Hour include access to the best freelance talent at your fingertips. Payments are made once the work has been completed, and funds are deposited in an escrow account.

People Per Hour: How Does It Work?

A click of the mouse is all entrepreneurs need to locate professional freelancers. With this service, there are four ways to get started. You will need to search the Hourlies TM section for jobs that can be completed within an hour to achieve this.

The prices are fixed, and the work begins immediately. It is only necessary for entrepreneurs to make a down payment to get started. It is also possible to post a job or allow freelancers to find you – the entrepreneur – in other ways.

There are also other options, such as searching freelancer profiles or contacting them directly. A down payment can be made if a proposal is requested, and the work can begin in earnest. You can post contests where designers can pitch your idea to you as an entrepreneur, and the best designer can be selected.

Each project is arranged in stages, referred to as a WorkStream. It is possible to click on everything through the same thread. The business owner can review proposals and select the most appropriate one. You only have to pay the deposit once you have selected a freelancer, and it will be held in Escrow until the funds are ready to be released.

People Per Hour’s ninjas (support team) are available to address any payment-related disputes or questions within 7 days of receipt of escrow funds. Additionally, as an entrepreneur, you can deposit funds into your account and use those funds to pay multiple freelancers. There is one account for all messaging and communication activities, and it is straightforward to rate sellers (freelancers).

Using People Per Hour to sell freelance services

Building a Strong Profile

Building a solid profile is key to selling your service. Adding photos and videos to your profile is an excellent way to establish a strong profile. It is essential to maintain a strong profile and maintain your activities. By selling more and more services, newbies can have a chance to increase their earnings.

Submission of proposals

You should send proposals once you have created an optimized profile. You can send fifteen monthly submissions if you have the free basic profile plan. Upon exhaustion of your credits, you may purchase additional credits.

Create a Workstream for sharing invoices and receiving payments on time

As soon as you create a WorkStream, all the project details will be kept in the same place. Using a single thread, you will be able to track the history of your projects. Staying in the same line of work is essential as a freelancer.

You will be able to send proposals within seconds with WorkStream. You should set up an Escrow account to protect your account. As the invoice becomes simpler, your workplace will become more regulated. All invoices should be maintained every week.

Get a rating 

To maintain your profile, it is essential to obtain ratings. You should ask your buyer to provide you with a review after completing a project. Doing so will increase the number of buyers interested in your profile.

People Per Hour’s Buyer Ordering Process

Submit a project

You may post a project once registered as a buyer on People Per Hour. Include a brief description of what you are looking for in your project brief. Additionally, you may establish information about relevant freelancers if necessary. Please specify the budget for the project so that freelancers can submit their applications accordingly.

Find profiles by searching

It is also possible to search for profiles and contact them directly. Filtering the search by location and portfolio is the most effective method. If a freelancer’s profile matches your requirements, you may contact them with a brief description of your project and request a proposal.

Utilize Workstream to manage and pay

Ensure proper payment and management of all projects by maintaining a Workstream. The proposals you receive for your project should be reviewed and accepted as soon as possible. Ensure you secure the amount with Escrow to release the funds when the project is completed.

What are the Requirements for working at People per hour?

Freelancing at PeoplePerHour requires you to possess a skill in a particular field to make money. Additionally, you will require a computer that has a dedicated internet connection. You will also need a telephone if you are interested in performing customer service or marketing tasks. The presence of a printer and scanner is also desirable.

How much Can I earn from people per hour?

It depends on the field in which you work, your level of experience, and the amount of work you perform. You can obtain part-time or full-time projects depending on your skill set and availability.

You can earn more than the average freelancer in your field if you are an expert. Because specific job fields are in greater demand than others, some jobs pay more than others. In addition to your location, your proficiency in the English language can also affect your rate.

Occasionally, clients seek freelancers from countries where the cost of living is relatively low. As a result, freelancers from these countries can lower their rates. It is, however, possible to find clients, regardless of your location, who will pay you according to your skills and experience if you have good skills in any particular field.

Payment system for PeoplePerHour

If you work at People Per Hour as a freelancer, you can receive payment by the Hour or by the project (at a fixed rate). You will be paid according to the amount agreed upon between yourself (the freelancer) and the client/buyer.

To ensure the safety of the buyer’s funds, once your service is purchased, money from the buyer’s account will be placed into an escrow account. In other words, the system will hold your payment until the job has been completed.

There is a significant advantage to using a platform such as People Per Hour (in comparison to finding your clients). Your client must accept your work before it can be marked as completed. As soon as the money has been released, it will be credited to your account. It is important to note that People Per Hour allows two revisions for unsatisfactory work. By doing this, buyers will be assured that they will receive what they have paid for (which, of course, is only fair).

Fees and rates of People per hour

  •         There is currently a 20% service fee, excluding VAT, for earnings below $700 (per client).
  •         A 7.5% service fee will be charged when earnings range between $700 and $7000 (per client).
  •         A service fee of 3.5% will be charged if your earnings exceed $7,000 (per client).

VAT (Value Added Tax) has yet to be included in the above service fees because it is remitted to the government. Thus, you should be prepared for more deductions from your earnings at the time of payout, and tax laws may vary depending on your location.

It is also evident from their payment system that they encourage their workers to work for the same clients (repeat buyers). By doing so, you will be able to reduce the service charge as you reach a certain amount.

In addition to supporting a wide range of project types and budgets, PeoplePerHour is a good tool for hiring freelancers. This marketplace allows you to filter freelancers based on ratings, reviews, and skills to find the best person for the job. PeoplePerHour generates revenue by charging fees. Buyers pay a service fee, and freelancers pay a percentage of their earnings.


What are reviews of People per hour?

According to Trust Pilot, People Per Hour has a great rating of 4.2. A total submission of more than 4000 trusted reviews. Most people find it convenient to hire a freelancer from People Per hour. While getting market rates and great customer support makes People per hour trusted by the Freelancers.




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