Which are the best careers? Top Careers in the world to opt!

It’s 2022 and we are looking forward to undertaking the best careers. This helps in having a secure future. Seeking career guides can be difficult. Everyone would have a different opinion. You can also go to a career consultant, but that can be costly. So The Planet Today is here with the best career advice for you.

Which are the best careers?

Best Careers would not only depend upon the pay scale but also on job opening and demand. There are some best careers that have very attractive pay scales, yet they are low in demand. Such would be an astronaut. How many job openings are there for astronauts? But then, there are some careers that have high demand, yet have low pay scales. These can be receptionists.

Thus, the best career to opt for would not only depend upon the pay scale and demand. It also has to depend upon your skills and skill attainments. A person with no artistic skills and talent cannot become an interior designer or a painter.

Even though we are here with the best careers, we want to inform you that these are not rigid. You can work as an aeronautical engineer but would prefer to be a professional athlete. Thus, always make sure, things are not about money. It is about your capabilities, liking, and avenues open to you.

For instance, people in developing countries have little to no avenues to pursue skill attainments. Thus, for them, the best careers are different. Also, entering a career would not only mean money and happiness. There are some people who made nothing from even the most famous and best careers. For instance, there are some actors who had made a great living through acting careers, but then, there are some who flopped badly!

Thus, I won’t be defining best careers as top-paying careers. As I said that even career at Amazon, Google, and Microsoft has rendered dissatisfied employees. Sometimes a dream career can be a nightmare while a simple, unwanted career can take you to the right heights.

The Best Careers for the Future

As the world is revolutionizing Doctoral and Engineering are not the only careers left. When we were young, we dreamt of being doctors or engineers as fields were very limited. But now, this is not the case. Even teaching has become a great career option!

Thus, the best career options are many. We have collected as many possible top careers as we could. But the world doesn’t end here. Pursue your dreams and skills. Excel where ever you go!

Best career options (based on low unemployment, high job openings, and median salary)

  1. Enterprise Architect
    This has job openings tolling to 14,021, with a job satisfaction rate of 82%. The median base salary is $144,997.
  2. Stack Engineer
    With a median base salary of $101,794 and a job satisfaction rate of 86%, the job has as many as 11,252 openings.
  3. Data Scientist
    Such a job offers a median base salary of $120,000. There are as many as 10,071 job openings and a job satisfaction rate of 82%.
  4. Strategy Manager
    A highly grossing career option with a median base salary of $140,000. There are as many as 6,977 job openings. The job renders an 85% satisfaction rate.
  5. Data Engineer
    Data Engineers enjoy a median base salary of  $113,960. Also, they report a job satisfaction rate of 80% with as many as 11,821 job openings.
  6. Java Developer
    Java Developers are enjoying a great demand in the market. Also, they are offered a median base salary of $107,099 and report a job satisfaction of 82%.
  7. Product Manager
    They have the most job avenues with 17,725 job openings. Nonetheless, they also get to enjoy a median base salary of $125,317 and a job satisfaction rate of 80%.
  8. Cloud Engineer
    Cloud Engineers are most popular in tech companies like Apple. They have a median base salary of $118,999 and as many as 10,689 jobs opening. They also have a high job satisfaction rate of 82%.
  9. Physician
    Physicians are offered a median base salary of $155,400. They also have a job satisfaction rate of 78% with as many as 15,376 job openings.
  10. Consultant
    Consultants and professional consultants in businesses are highly preferred in developing and developed organizations. There are 17,728 job openings for them and their median base salary is $90,748. The job satisfaction rate is 78%.  

Best careers options(highly paid careers)

When we say the best career, most of us think of the pay. Thus, in this section, we will be talking about highly paid careers. Here are a few for you:

  1. Anesthesiologists
    They are the professionals who give anesthesia to patients before surgery. They enjoy high pay as much as $331,190.
  2. Surgeons
    Surgeons enjoy a high salary in reputed hospitals. They can cash as much as $311,460 for their skills and talent.
  3. Gynecologists
    Gynecologists can earn as much as $296,210 salary.
  4. Psychiatrists
    This career can help you earn as much as $249,760.
  5. Cheif Executive
    The best career in terms of salary outside the medical field is being a chief executive. This job is not easy at all. It will make you earn as much as $213,020 but requires working 62.5 hours a week!
  6. Pilots and Co-pilots
    While flying a plane is a technical job, attaining a license and risking life is yet another challenge. The pilots also have a short career, yet they are paid well. They can earn as much as $198,190.
  7.  Computer and IS managers
    This is one of the best careers for those who have technical know-how and skills. This career will help you earn as much as $162, 930.
  8. Judges
    You not only have the right to give the verdict but also, you can enjoy as high as $148,030 pay!
  9.  DevOps Engineer
    Software development experts can earn as much as $120,095.
  10. Corporate Recruiters
    They earn a high salary of$77,700.

Which career should I choose? Best career advice

There is no best career until you are satisfied. Work is work, but it can be much easier to work if you are happy with it. If you have the resources, skills, and learning skills. then opt for medical and engineering careers.

However, if you are artistic, and good with numbers or computers, there are a lot of careers awaiting fr you. Just excel in whatever field you are in. There is no career big or small, it is you who make it! Not everyone can become a CEO, but wherever you go, be loyal to work, work hard and excel in the field! Even though Entrepreneurs are earning high and have low educational profiles, but they have the skills. So put your skills to work!


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